Why B.Tech Colleges in India Focusing on AI Courses?

Why B.Tech Colleges in India Focusing on AI Courses

The days when students aspired for a computer science seat in the best colleges for B. Tech in UP are long gone. The need for specialization is now present. The ever-accelerating hype surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) courses has prompted some B. Tech institutes in Greater Noida to resolve to add advanced AI courses to their own B. Tech CSE programs in the field.

Some of the best colleges for B. Tech in UP that currently offer Bachelor’s degrees in AI, Data Science, Machine Learning, and IoT specializations are APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, IIT Kanpur, Indian Institute of Technology Banaras Hindu College, KCC Institute of Technology and Management and other prestigious institutes.

The demand for CSE graduates with a specialization in AI, machine learning, cloud computing, and cybersecurity has remained high over the past few years. Everyone involved—from the Government universities to private colleges in Greater Noida for B. Tech to students—is now aware of how crucial it is to develop these technological skills and know-how in order to succeed in careers. According to the National Employability Report for Engineers by Aspiring Minds, only 3% of engineering graduates have the skills required for jobs in emerging tech giants, like AI, machine learning, Data Science, etc., while over 80% of engineering graduates lack the necessary abilities to be considered employable.

Specializations and Career Options in B.Tech Program

It is of paramount importance in today’s era of rapidly changing technologies to keep students updated with the latest trends in the tech industry. Therefore, many experts are in favor of colleges integrating career-critical skills as part of specialization in the standard degree programs.

In order to help students land lucrative employment opportunities, many colleges in Greater Noida for B. Tech began offering AICTE-approved B. Tech programs in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Internet of Things, Cybersecurity, Software Engineering, Robotics, Big Data, Cloud Computing, etc. Private B. Tech institutes in Greater Noida also offer additional courses to make students more employable and able to keep pace with the rising competition in the field.

These additional courses focus on cutting-edge technologies like cloud computing and networking, Java Programming and Oracle, Hadoop and big data, web and mobile development, and digital marketing.

B. Tech institutes in Greater Noida are stepping up to close the supply-demand gap for AI experts by inviting tech companies to recruit CSE graduates with AI and ML specializations. AI will be used in all areas and industries, and these colleges are not only helping students become AI professionals but also pushing the country to usher in this technological revolution. So there will be plenty of jobs for AI experts in the future.   

What Position India Holds in This Race?

India is still in the early stages of integrating AI into its curricula, but the US and China are ahead of their time in this regard. The Chinese Ministry of Education approved the establishment of undergraduate AI programs at 35 higher education institutions in the nation two years ago.

In collaboration with elite schools like IIT and IISc, the Indian government launched the national program on technology-enhanced learning (NPTEL) in 2003. At the university and research levels, NPTEL provides online science and engineering courses. The platform offers a variety of AI, data science, and machine learning courses under the computer science and engineering discipline.

“We do not integrate B. Tech courses in any specialization simply because it is in demand. To acquire enough AI to fit into most job profiles, one of two courses in the final year of a B. Tech degree is more than enough, according to a Linkedin post by Ashish Sahani, an assistant professor at IIT Ropar.

Furthermore, Sahani claimed that these grads would have little options. He asserted that someone with a “B Tech in AI” will have significantly fewer possibilities in the job market than a computer science or electrical engineering graduate with a few AI courses under their belt.

Currently, several private colleges in Greater Noida for B. Tech have developed bachelor programs in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, including KCC Institute of Technology and Management, etc. Other universities, however, have looked at AI as a discipline at the master’s level rather than the bachelor’s. Among the few colleges and universities in India that offer Master’s programs in AI are IIT Bombay, IIT Kharagpur, and other institutions.

AKTU-based in Lucknow is a public university offering B. Tech programs in various disciplines, and also provides affiliation to private colleges such as KCC Institute of Technology and Management, which aims to promote AI as a lucrative career option for B. Tech students.  

One can argue that you can pick up basic knowledge in B. Tech computer science and later, pursue a full-scale advanced specialization in AI. It would take 4 years to complete the program and by that time, plenty of new technologies will emerge in the market. The knowledge you have gained so far may become obsolete.

Since a student can immediately join any branch of engineering or specialization, several universities are developing these types of undergraduate and bachelor programs in AI that offers an edge over competitors in future employment opportunities while ensuring compatibility with technologies in the development stage.

Integrating AI into Curriculum

Students who earn a degree in AI from the best colleges for B. Tech in UP are prepared to create programs that recognize speech, faces, and other languages. Data science, machine learning, advanced mathematics, statistics, engineering, robotics, ethics, etc. may all be included in the curriculum.

Experts have stated that AI has to be covered in practically every university department’s curriculum, particularly in the schools of engineering and the natural and social sciences.

Challenges of Integrating AI into Curriculum

Students who earn a B. Tech. or B.E. in AI are prepared to work as AI engineers, create AI tools and apps, or conduct AI research. To guarantee that students are aware of when to utilize AI tools, which ones to use, and how to apply them, it is necessary to include basic AI information in another program.

A student must specialize in AI if they intend to pursue a core technical job and want to work on cutting-edge AI applications. On the other hand, if they plan to create AI applications or use AI applications for business impact while remaining in the background, a few courses might be sufficient.

Any institution’s program qualifications should include a well-structured curriculum, case studies and projects that are pertinent to the industry, guided sessions, and enough support to guarantee that students fully comprehend the ideas. These suggestions can assist learners in selecting the learning program that is most appropriate for them by assisting them in making an informed selection.

Right now, every college in Greater Noida for B.Tech understands how crucial it is to teach its students skills that will help them succeed in the workplace. The main issue, however, is the dearth of instructors who are knowledgeable about modern skills. Thus, it becomes essential to hire new professors or upgrade the skills of current ones in order to provide top-notch instruction in subjects like AI, analytics, machine learning, and cloud computing.

In order to provide a more comprehensive and updated curriculum, universities frequently interact with industry professionals about relevant developments. “This top-notch instruction is what eventually enables students and professionals to advance in their careers.”


According to several industry experts, all B.Tech Institutes in Greater Noida should introduce students to the fundamentals of artificial intelligence (AI), particularly machine learning and decision-making, with electrical and mechanical engineers studying more complex issues. In addition, all social sciences will need to cover some advanced themes that differ by the department as well as fundamental AI. AI is not yet a necessity for the humanities, but this may change. Electives can be incorporated later in the program when the basic concepts of AI have been covered.

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