10 Common Resume Mistakes to Avoid

If you want to get a job, you need to create a great resume. Unfortunately, many job seekers make the mistake of thinking that their resume is complete after they’ve finished writing it. Applying for a job you’ve always wanted and getting rejected at the entry-level because of some typical resume error can be heartbreaking. A little and silly blunder can also cost you your job. Usually, entry-level openings do not get treated as strictly as executive-level openings. Still, it is always a plus point to be two steps ahead of all the pre-assumptions. 

In reality, your resume is a work in progress that never ends. As long as you keep adding new information, updating old information, and removing unnecessary information, your resume will continue to improve and be more effective for the job you’re trying to get.

So, how about preparing and outlining the most common resume mistakes to avoid and being one step ahead in the selection process? These are some common issues that you should note before delivering your CV.

Using fancy fonts and format

Stylish fonts and attractive formats look good for the sight but are reviewed as a Major NO while creating a resume. These types of fonts not only get rejected by the Hiring Manager, but before that, they even fail to pass through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). 

Many organizations use ATS to filter away unsuitable resumes for entry-level positions, so keep your resume brief and ATS friendly.

Grammatical errors and typing errors

A survey reveals that grammatical and typographical error in a resume is the principal downside for 70% of HR and hiring managers to reject the resumes.

Proofread the resume after completing it, or ask a friend to do it for you or you can connect with manpower consultants, as a simple mistake can break the deal of getting in an interview.

Writing buzzwords in the resume

Annoying keywords and buzzwords should abstain from while writing your

resume. Words like a critical thinker, hardworking, problem-solving skills, and many others steal the interest of the hire. You should adhere to the skills most relevant for the job and job description.

Inserting personal information

Attaching your unprofessional photo, briefing your religious/political views, marital status, or asking for such personal data is illegal from an employee. 

It would be best not to mention such things in a resume that are of no use to the employer; instead, utilize the space to write details that can be useful for the company.

Submitting the same resume for multiple jobs

Do not submit a similar outline to every job you apply for. Make sure to add keywords and change the resume required from each job listing.

It will help you and the employer focus on the keywords to highlight for the selection process. It shows your sincerity and seriousness towards the job.

Vague career description

A job description that is incomplete and not focused on the specific job type is considered a major red flag. It gives an idea that the applicant is not focused, lacking in structured goals. 

State your past work role, experiences, and outcomes briefly in the career description and to the point, and avoid exaggerating the truth while writing such details.

Mentioning Income Expectations

You must not write expected income in a CV, and you should not even ask for a salary in your first job interview. The employer initiates these discussions; otherwise, such questions and expectations can make you appear money-focused and uninterested in contributing to the firm’s development.

Unprofessional contact details

You should include the contact details which you often use so that the employer can reach out to you. Including email addresses such as cuteangel21 is prohibited. 

Use an email with your real name, which shows the seriousness and professionalism you carry to the employer.

Irrelevant Work experience

Include the work experiences that can be useful from the employer’s

perspective. For example, do not mention modeling/photography skills if you are applying for the role of App developer. Cling to the requirements asked by the job and write the experiences that are related to it.

Too-short or Long Resume

For jobseekers with less than five years of experience, experts recommended that a resume be no more than one page. If the candidate has more than five years of experience, a Resume of two pages is appropriate.

However, before you begin writing with the experiences, be sure to remove all unnecessary details. A CV that is too short may appear inadequate, yet a resume that is too lengthy may appear to be an exaggerator or feature false information.


While these mistakes are common and mentioned everywhere, Still applicants make these mistakes by not proofreading the final document created. Several resumes get sidelined over these minor faults. 

To stop juggling your mind and relieve from such stress, you can opt for resume writing services available on the internet or take help from the ones experienced in writing resumes or reviewing them. Be sure that your resume is a good fit for the job before sending it in.

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