How to get a job abroad

Working internationally will aid to expand skillset, networks, increase cultural awareness, boost CV, improves career opportunities along with personal and professional growth. Therefore, many students and working professionals want to move abroad for work, studies and want to eventually settle there. But are unsure of how to find a job and start a living in a new country. In this article, we discuss some crucial points that will guide you for the job search abroad.

First of all, we need to understand the different visa permits granted which allow ex-pats to seek employment in a foreign land. It is as important as the passport and a necessary document to live in the country legally. If your native country does not have a visa policy with the visiting country then a visa is a mandatory document to enter the state.

  • Work visa: It is required for individuals who wish to take employment or engage in business activities in the host country
  • Student Visa: It is a non-immigrant visa that allows individuals to enroll in educational institutes along with a temporary residence
  • Working Holiday Visa: It allows the bearer to engage in temporary employment in the country but not all countries have this provision.

Finding a job abroad

The job market is tough for the international worker. Most companies hire locally as it’s a lot of responsibility to take on an international worker no matter how much they have to offer but a growing number is willing to take a chance and that is where the opportunity to work abroad lies.

Before starting the job search, fix on the country you want to go to, understand the culture, language spoken, economy, politics, and climate of the country, the job market in your field, visa processes of the country, and ex-pat policies.

Target the multi-national companies and analyze the job requirements high in demand in the country and whether you possess the relevant skills for recruitment. MNC’s look for the best talent and they can even sponsor visas in some cases.

Language skills are also an important factor in your job search. Take beginner’s classes in the prominent language of the region to improve your chances of selection. Many countries also ask for English language proficiency tests like ILETS or TOEFL. Moving abroad can be a stressful transition, the important things to consider are finding a job, manage your finances, legal paperwork, place of stay, and cultural shift.

Some of the important steps for finding a job abroad are as follows.

  • Networking: Make good use of social media like LinkedIn, connect with professionals in your field who are already working abroad and share our portfolio to build a professional brand. Create a profile that stands out from the rest and proactively connect with alumni of your college, HR’s or other professionals in your target company.
  • Overseas Job Fairs: International job fair is another convenient way to look for jobs. These are conducted in person or even online. Send out applications to as many companies as possible.
  • Study or Intern Abroad: It is a more convenient way to settle abroad as it is easier to get a visa for study and intern work. There are several program providers like the AIFS, Hutong School, and IFSA-Butler which assist aspirants to find an internship abroad. Once accepted in a university it is easier to find an internship or work in a foreign land.
  • Company Career page: Keep checking the target company’s career page and apply for any suitable positions while continue networking with different HR professionals.
  • Company Transfers: Some companies send employees for on-site international business in different branch locations temporarily or for an extended period. If you work hard enough in the existing company you can grab the opportunity to travel abroad and relocate.
  • Send customized applications: Don’t make the rookie mistake of sending out the same applications for every company. Make relevant changes as per the job role, company, and the region you are applying to
  • International Recruiters Agency: Various agencies search for talent overseas for company recruitment on their behalf. While proceeding through these agencies will be a hassle-free process but in turn, they ask substantial fee or a percentage of the income.

An international work experience is really valuable. In an ever-increasingly global world, being experienced in multiple markets and having a wider experience in your field will enrich skills and employability and in turn provide greater opportunities for a successful career.

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